Learn how to join PACT and promote patient centricity in clinical trials in Canada. 

1. Become a Partner

Becoming a partner of PACT is an opportunity to take part in the evolving landscape of patient-centred clinical trials.


  • Participate in transforming the clinical trial ecosystem in Canada with the ultimate goal of improving outcomes for patients
  • Participate in enhancing the quality of and access to clinical trials for patients
  • Collaborate and exchange ideas with stakeholders from multiple sectors


  • Join a Committee (in development)
  • Advocate for PACT’s mission within the clinical trial ecosystem

2. Become a Member of the Steering Committee

Led by Canada’s non-for-profit colorectal cancer patient organization, Colorectal Cancer Canada, the PACT Steering Committee is comprised of a collaborative team of senior stakeholders from across the cancer clinical trial continuum.

Becoming a member of the PACT Steering Committee is an opportunity to collaborate with a range of stakeholders and contribute to the creation of innovative, patient-centered solutions for clinical trials.


  • Collaborate and exchange ideas with stakeholders from multiple sectors
  • Contribute to discussions and decision-making about PACT projects


  • Provide strategic direction and leadership
  • Actively provide feedback on project ideas and participate in discussions
  • Promote the adoption of clinical trials recommendations within the ecosystem collaborative
  • Foster collaborations
  • Seek opportunities to further PACT’s mission
  • Engage in constructive conversations with a range of stakeholders
  • Attend scheduled PACT Steering Committee meetings

For more information on how to join PACT, contact us by email: